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About Mint

Mint asset is officially legalized with a business license registered in the state of Delaware, USA on October 21st, 2015 with Area of Registration: Technology Solution, Blockchain, Crypto, Travel, Clean energy

Mint token was developed by an experienced team composed of entrepreneurs, dApps developers, marketers, charitable leaders, and financial experts. It’s the perfect mix of business and charity with a clear and concise roadmap to disrupting the world Cryptocurrency. The Mint token was designed with a vision and orientation for a long-term to support large volumes of investor and generate healthy returns for participants.

Catch up the trend with Proof-Of-Stake (POS) protocol, Mintchain system will be authenticated and secured by Nodes, Master Nodes and Key Nodes. To become a Node, users will have to freeze their assets (Stacking node) to receive mining rewards from the Mintchain network. POS is the future trend of Blockchain because of its security, energy saving and scalability to increase the transaction speed of the system. The proof is that ETH 2.0 is developed on the POS protocol.

Why Mint?

Mint token solves all of major problems in the current market of currency: Mint token has much faster transactional speeds in comparison to Bitcoin. It can not be hacked or stolen through cyber attacks, and it is completely managed by computers, thereby eliminating the possibility for human error. In addition to these major technological improvements, it is optimal for investors and is specifically designed to bring holders a return on their initial investment

Mint Staking Pool

All holders will receive profits forever according to the following milestones

  • 240 days: 8%/month
  • 180 days: 6%/month
  • Then 4%/month forever
  • The term of mining staking package for investors is flexible, providing a safer experience.
  • With 360 days mining profit.
  • Withdrawal of principal: after the end of 360 will pay 10%/month and still receive mining profit on the decreasing principal balance.
  • With flexible staking mechanism, stakeholders can withdraw at any time
  • Stakeholder can trigger the withdrawal of principal at any time and the fee is 20%/total tokens in the stak. And start receiving 80% of the remaining tokens for 10 consecutive months.
  • Investors participating in the project will be divided into 2 levels
  • Stake node: for investors 100$ to 20.000$
  • Master node: with investor 20.000$++
  • A special point for Master Node investors, they will receive additional special bonuses as follows:
    • Reward Staking: 2% of total staking output will be divided equally among master nodes in the system (30 days divided 1 time).
    • Reward unstaking: 20% of total tokens in the staks will separate – 10% will burn – 10% equally divided among the number of Master Nodes of the system (30 days divided 1 time).


Mint token is a TRC20/Tronscan token

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 Mint. The Development team has optimized distribution for maximum efficiency of the token.

Pre-mining: 30% (450,000,000 Mint)

In there:

  • 5%: for Develop 75,000,000 Mint
  • 2%: credit for Marketing 30,000,000 Mint
  • 4%: Pre-sale: 60,000,000 Mint price 0.01$ – 0.02$
  • 1%: for Airdrop Program 15,000,000 Mint (3 months after running Airdrop)
  • 18%: sell Mint Staking contract 270,000,000 Mint

70%: 1,050,000,000 Mint for Staking reward and Affiliate

MintChain’s Ecosystem

With the construction of an ecosystem that includes all the leading utilities for users such as financial management, games, decentralized exchanges or in the future, tourism, MintChain’s has been at the forefront. pioneering in building an ecosystem closer to users than other ecosystems available in cryptoworld.

Affiliate Marketing

Totally difference from other stake mining projects, MintChain offers many reward opportunities for investors, they not only generate profits for themselves, but also can enjoy rewards from develop the communities, whose participate in mining stake nodes, helping to optimize return on investment.

Road map


Next 2022

We happy to share and public our development plan to show you what we do and what we will:


MintAsset is continue to develop and build Mintchain ecosystem to list mint on top exchanges such as Binance, Houbi, Okex, MXC….


Enterprise tokenization, redistribution of shares to Stackholders and listing of stock codes on stock exchanges

Develop Mint